2-Player Jamma Bartop
with LED Trackball & Buttons

750 in 1 Game Board - LED Buttons - Sanwa Joysticks

Our top of the line classic arcade bartop features 750 original pre-installed, ready -to-play Arcade Games for your private bar. Unlike many competitive products this one features a much large 26" screen and a 2" trackball for games like Centipede, Marble Madness, Missile Command, etc...  The larger size provides two players with more room to comfortably play next to each other.  


- 750 in 1 original Arcade Games (ELF Jamma Board)
- Large 26" horizontal HD LED Screen
- 2-Player Sanwa Joysticks
- Blue backlit LED 2" Trackball
- Six backlit red LED buttons
- Six backlit blue LED buttons
- Coin Slot
- Your choice of side panel artwork
- Your choice of overhead marquee artwork.
- Custom artwork available (surcharge applies)

  PRICE:  $1,695
  XMAS SPECIAL:  $1,495

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