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ULTRA VP™ Virtual Pinball  & premium Arcade MultiCades

Relive the ultimate Arcade Experience at Home

Our ULTRA VP™ is the world's most advanced commercially available AccuFeel™ enabled Virtual Pinball Machine. Compatible with thousands of visual pinball tables it also features a Music Video Jukebox. This all-in-one VPin reproduces the authentic touch and feel of a mechanical pinball machine thanks to our strategically spaced out full force feedback devices, 7.1 Surround Sound, and integrated air fan. It features an unparalleled full-size 49" industrial 4K 120Hz LG industrial Playfield Monitor for buttery smooth gaming.

Our industry leading product design and quality are on display with our classic upright Arcade Multicade Cabinets.  Choose between a horizontal or vertical monitor layouts for the entire family to enjoy. Relive all the original Arcade games and Console games (Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Atari, Colecovision, and many more) all in one single unit with a control panel layout that makes them feel authentic just like in the Arcade. 

Our newly redesigned sit-down ULTRACADE™ LED Arcade Cocktail Table (Cocktail Multicade) comes standard with a Hydrolic Lift Arms for 2-Player side-by-side game play (i.e. Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, NBA JAM, etc). You can also sit across from each other for games like Pac-Man (screen flips back and forth when it is your turn). Control panels are LED light strip (RGB) illuminated spanning the entire perimeter of the tabletop. Compatible with 3600+ original Arcade Games

Recent News

Our new Vertigo NXT upright VPin will be announced and become available at the end of August. Our new ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine Model 7.0 has new enhancements. REAL Testimonials on our Google Business Page. Latest videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

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