32 inch RetroPie
Upright Arcade Cabinet

2-Player with Trackball Control Panel
RetroPie Raspberry Pi 4B+ based CPU
Compatible with over 24,000 Arcade/Console Games 
Your Choice of Artwork is included!

32" RetroPie based Upright Arcade Cabinet - $2,695 + S/H


Relive all your favorite Arcade & Console Games on our stylish 32" RetroPie based Classic Upright Arcade Cabinet with a splendid horizontal IPS quality screen. 

This well built commercial grade Arcade MultiCade features the very best industrial quality LG 32" IPS Monitor (not a TV) to prevent viewing angle blur.

Great for rental properties, game rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, and garages. You, your friends, or your customers will never tire of the wide selection of games. 

If we haven't convinced you that we are the very best at what we do, please consider our ability to create great looking artwork for your Multicade. In fact, your choice of artwork is included in our price.  We even offer custom designed artwork to match your interior decor.

Your Purchase includes...

- Modern curved design
- LG 32" IPS Monitor (NEW! Now with glass protection)
- Raspberry Pi 4.0B
- 2 x 8-way Joysticks
- 3" Trackball (NEW! for 2023)
- RGB LED Strips
Free Play or Coin Set up
- 2 Commercial Quality Stools (optional)
- Volume Amplifier with Treble / Bass / Volume Control 
Fully Assembled in a Solid Wooden Crate
- Plug-and-Play
1 Year Warranty

NEW for 2023:
- Glass Monitor Shield
- 3" High Quality Trackball
- Rear & Front LED Strips

DIMENSIONS:  H 69" x D: 23" x W: 33"


Without Stools:   $2,695 + Shipping*
With 2 Stools:      $2,995 + Shipping*

*Shipping will be calculated based on your exact location and invoiced separately. Typical shipping fees run between $450 (Midwest) to $550 (West coast). Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio.

Contact Us for a Shipping Quote before purchase.

Due to legal constraints here in the United Stated we cannot include any Game ROMS with our products. However, it is 100% compatible with fully licensed arcade game software from multiple sources, such as Steampowered.com, Epic Games, GOG.com, and other online game resellers. Also, a plug & play Retropie 1 TB MicroSD Card is available from an unaffiliated international third party. More information will be provided upon ordering.

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