32" JAMMA MultiCade
3500 in 1 Arcade Games

2-Player with Trackball Control Panel
3500+ Jamma Game Board Compatible
Your Choice of Artwork is included


Relive your favorite Arcade Games on our affordable 32 inch classic upright Jamma Arcade Cabinet. This unit is compatible with Jamma Multicade Game boards**. They play exactly like you remember and are easily accessed via a front-end selection menu. JAMMA based cabinets are ideally suited for public settings, such as rental properties and employee lounges due to their fool-proof selection menu interfaces..

When making your choices, please consider our ability to create great looking custom artwork for your Multicade. In fact, your choice of pre-existing artwork is included in our prices. They can be found by scrolling to the end of this page, and can all be mixed and matched to your liking. We even offer custom designed artwork to match your interior decor, sports team or organization. If you prefer creating your very own side panel and marquee artwork for this cabinet, simply ask for our design templates (die-lines) and we will print and apply your own creations.

Your purchase includes:

- Classic upright Arcade Cabinet
- 2-Player Control Panel with a 2" counter-mounted Trackball
- 32" Flat Screen LED HD TV Monitor
- Functional Coin Door
- Game Selection Front-End
- Your Choice of Side Panel Artwork*
- Your Choice of overhead Marquee Artwork*
- 1 Year Warranty
- Lifetime Control Panel Hardware Warranty

Optional Upgrades:

- Rear LED RGB Wall Glow Strip with Remote Control
- Cup Holders with optional Ashtray Cups
- Custom artwork design services
- Commercial grade Bar Stools

PRICE:   $2,695 + Shipping 

Shipping will be calculated based on your exact location. Typical shipping fees run between $350 (midwest) to $450 (west coast). Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio (delivery is $150 within 3 hour radius of Columbus Ohio). Shipping will be invoiced separately.

Due to legal contraints here in the United Stated we cannot include any Game ROMS with our products. However, a 100% fully compatible plug & play Jamma Game Board is available from an unaffiliated international third party for a marginal fee. It only takes a minute to install. We will provide those details after you place your order.

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  • Dartboard Cabinets
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  • Fussball Tables
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