32" Racing MultiCade


107 Racing Game Board Compatible**
High Quality Racing Wheel
Shift Paddels
Adjustable Seat
Back-lit Marquee
Windows PC
Choice of Artwork Wrap included

Relive 107 of your favorite Racing Games** on this beautifully designed classic Racing Arcade Cabinet featuring a 32" HD LED screen, high quality steering wheel and pedals, and adjustable seat. Switch between Arcade and Console Racing Games at a push of a button. Check out the complete List of compatible games below...

Your purchase includes:

- Racing Cabinet
- Choice of Artwork 
- Racing wheel with shift paddles
- Pedals
- Adjustable seat
32" Flat Screen LED HD TV Monitor
- Windows PC
- 1 Year Warranty

Dimensions:  H: 71" (180cm) x W: 32" (80cm) x L: 68" (170cm) 

PRICE:  $4,895
Shipping:  $400

Lead Time:  30 Days + Transit Time

Due to legal contraints here in the United Stated we cannot include any Game ROMS with our products. However, a 100% fully compatible plug & play Windows based Racing Game Board is available from an unaffiliated international third party for a marginal fee of $100. It only takes a minute to install. We will provide those details after you place your order.

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