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Pinball Tips & Tricks Videos

Variety of Videos teaching you how to improve your pinball skills (applies to Virtual Pinball also)

ULTRA VP How To Videos

Variety of Videos to understand how to use your ULTRA VP

Visual Pinball Tables Gameplay Videos

Variety of videos showing visual pinball gameplay videos

Pinball Tips & Tricks

5 Secret Skills of Pinball

The 5 Secret Skills of Pinball Video

Learn How to Play Pinball Correctly

This video is a great introduction on how to play pinball. Goes over The Top 5 Tips, from nudging to simply playing to make you an expert at pinball.

Pinball Techniques Video

Pinball Techniques Video

Learn Pinball Techniques - How to Master your Pinball Machine & Score Higher

This video is full of tips and tricks on how to handle the silver ball. This is how the best pinball players beat the game! Contains Clippings from PAPA, John Norris and Craig Pullen tutorial videos.

Visual Pinball Tables

Visual Pinball Gameplay Videos

Visit this YouTube channel for comprehensive Visual Pinball Gameplay videos


ULTRA VP How-To Video Guide:
SSD Hard Drive Installation
(All ULTRA VP models)

Video Description

How to install the ULTRA VP SSD Hard Drive

The ULTRA VP software is sold separately and delivered on a high-speed plug-and-play internal SSD hard drive. This video shows you how to install/connect that SSD drive correctly into the ULTRA VP computer.

Pinup Popper How-To Video Guide:
Pinup Popper Installation
(ULTRA VP Models 3.0/4.0/5.0)

Pinup Popper Software - Installation Guide (Models 3.0/4.0/5.0)

How to Install the Pinup Popper SSD Drive on the existing ULTRA VP (only needed for existing customers upgrading to the new release)

This video* will guide you step by step through the configuration process needed to prepare your ULTRA VP models 3.0/4.0/5.0 for the new Pinup Popper software release.

Print the Hardcopy Manual before watching this!

*This video is only needed for existing customers who are upgrading. 

Pinup Popper How-To Video Guide:
Using Pinup Popper
(ULTRA VP Models 3.0/4.0/5.0)

Video Manual: Pinup Popper Manual (Models 3.0/4/0/5/0)

How to Use your ULTRA VP Pinup Popper Software

This video manual shows you the ins and outs on how to use the ULTRA VP Pinup Popper software.

Pinup-Popper How-To Video Guide:
18+ Category Password Prompt Removal
(All ULTRA VP Models)

Video Description

How to remove the 18+ Category Password Prompt

This video will guide you on how to disable the 18+ category password prompt on the ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine

Recent News

We recently introduced v7.0 of our ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine with additional enhancements

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